Bosque de muerte (1993)

Three couples — Silvia (Alejandra Espejo, who was 43 when she made this and supposedly playing a teenager) and Cesar (Andrés Bonfigliom, Grave Robbers), Tamara and Raul, and Laura and Adolfo (Andrés García Jr., Cemetery of Terror) — head to a secluded cabin in the woods — this movie’s title translates to Forest of Death — a place where one of them, Sylvia, grew up. It’s also where her mother drowned and her father siappeared. So if her friends start getting killed by someone in a raincoat, are we to even be surprised?

She also met Forest Ranger Jaguar (Jorge Reyonoso) back then and he’s been in love with her ever since, even if she was ten and he was probably in his teens back before but let’s just move on. He wants to protect his woods — he shoots a poacher with ammunition so powerful it blows his leg completely off — and her with equal fervor.

It takes an hour and with the last twenty minutes of the movie, this finally becomes a slasher. That said, it has an amazing moment where the killer throws a severed head through a window at two of the girls.

This take a bit long to get going and maybe stays too close to the American slasher formula but it is pretty competent. I just demand that Mexican films get completely out of control and blow my mind, like how Trampa Infernal has a killer who combines Rambo, Michael Myers and Freddy’s glove into one ruthless murder machine.

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