Siete En La Mira 2 : La Furia De La Venganza (1986)

In the years since Siete En La Mira, both of the lawmen who stopped the Zulu gang haved died and the only surviving member of that gang — Judas (Jorge Reynoso, who was Vikingo in the first movie) — wants his brother Vikingo’s ashes. And oh yeah — revenge.

This sequel takes a step — a wonderful step — away from reality to give us a world where long white haired witches rule city dumps, where chainsaws and hot lead decimate innocent human bodies and where two men must live up to the legacies of their brothers — Humberto (Alvaro Zermeño) is the only surviving cop brother of the first movie’s heroes while Judas must live up to the wild crimes of his outlaw brother.

There’s also a moment where a hostage pushes a gang member too far and gets her nose sliced off with garden scissors and sprays blood all over the screen in a moment that shocked even me. That’s later topped by a gang member hiding in a water tank, which gets shot with a Bo and Luke Duke style explosive arrow and blood rains from a lacerated sky.

Movie punks, exploitation violence, mean mountain men who just want to be left alone and violence, fucking violence. What’s not to like? They made at least four of these and as far as I’m concerned, they could make a new one every single day.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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