Hades, Vida Después de la Muerte (1993)

Carlos and Adriana have an arguement and as they yell at one another in the middle of a highway, they both get killed by a truck. 

That’s it, roll the credits and turn on the lights.

No, but really, Adriana dies instantly and goes to Heaven because for the most part she was a good person. But Carlos, well, he was a horrible person as we soon see and he’s trapped on Earth in a Jacob’s Escalera situation. Oh yeah — he’s also chased by demons.

By the end of this movie, you’ll want Carlos to burn. I mean, he steals from grocery stores, assaults a girl who is shopping there, uses Adriana to play a prank on the bisexual Pablo that goes so badly that the victim throws himself out a window,

We soon learn that Adriana has become a good Christian woman thanks to a man named Esteben — no, not the one from Evilspeak — who helps her find the right way to live. She tries to save Carlos and that’s what leads the story back to the beginning with him denying God, her getting out of the truck, him following her and them both getting flattened into bloody tortilas.

So yeah — while Adriana goes through the Pearly Gates, Carlos is in Hell, tormented by Pablo who is in Hell because of his life choices and suicidal nature — so yeah, this movie is completely unconcerned with being as offensive as it gets — and the woman that he raped. Because you know, she deserves to be in Hell too.

Director Paco del Toro made a few other Christian movies and also the movie Pink which is about a gay couple adopting a child. The first IMDB review that I read said that it was “an absolute disgrace to humanity.”

According to Toro, he wanted to defend the right of adopted children to grow up with a father and a mother, yet so many people saw that as promoting homophobia, which got that movie banned from Cinemex and Netflix.

This movie never played on either.

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