Black Tigress (1967)

AKA Lola ColtLola Baby and Mean and Black, this Italian western — directed by Siro Marcellini, who also wrote the script with Luigi Angelo (The Pumaman) and Lamberto Antonelli (who directed the mondo Vietnam, guerra e pace) — has Lola Falana as Lola, a saloon dancer who came to Santa Ana to dance and ends up saving it from the outlaw El Diablo.

In addition to being one of the few — actually only — movies in which a black woman is a hero in the west, Lola gets to sing “Why Did You Go?,” “You’re the One I Love” and “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” in musical numbers that seem to be from 1967 and the time when the movie is supposed to be taking place. It also has a white medical student named Rod (Peter Martell, The French Sex Murders) fall in love with Lola and not a single mention is made of her blackness. In 1967. Yes, I’m as surprised as you.

It’s more a curiosity than a movie you need to seek out, but yes. Lola Falana in an Italian western.


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