Tales from the Other Side (2022)

It’s time for another horror anthology. Will this one have anything fun in store?

Three kids (Brooklyn Anne Miller, Tristan Lee Griffin, and Anna Harr) are looking to celebrate the most legendary Halloween night ever. Their trick-or-treat adventure brings them to the home of local town legend Scary Mary(Roslyn Gentle), who seems way nicer than all the stories they’ve heard. What is scary are the six stories that she tells them in the wraparound directed and written by written and directed by Pablo Macho Maysonet IV.

With that, we’re on our way into the six stories and the many, many treats that Scary Mary has cooked up for the children.

Six stories make up Tales from the Other Side:

“Petrified Boy:” Jamaal Burden (Abominable, Elves) directs this story about a 19th century circus that has a petrified boy that escapes. There’s a great last shot in this of the eye of the boy glaring that’s worth the whole story.

“Flicker:” Carter (Brandon Thane Wilson) accepts a job as editor at a cemetery to edit “life videos” for funerals. It’s a high stress job, as the videos are often due in less than a day, but it’ll give him great experience and material for his first horror film. I loved that this segment featured Vernon Wells as the funeral home manager. This story was directed and written by Scotty Baker (The Diary of Anne Frank of the Dead) and it’s way too short. I’d love to see what this could be as a full feature.

Check out our interview with Vernon Wells about the film!

“Crystal Ball:” A couple at odds after infidelity and now looking to spice things up (Chelsea Vale from Damon’s Revenge and Nick Navarro) decide to steal a crystal ball from a carnival fortune teller (Paul Clough). As you can imagine, this does not go well. This was directed by Jacob Cooney and written by James Cullen Bressack, whose father Gordon worked on this movie as well in the next segment.

“Either/Or:” Elijah (a great James Duval) claims he’s hearing the voice of God, a God that told him to kill his wife and child. But when everyone else starts to hear from the Lord too…this segment is the strongest in the movie and was directed by Lucas Heyne and Kern Saxton and written by James Cullen and Gordon Bressack.

“Blood Red” was directed by Frank Merle and written by Gordon Bressack and has Ruby (Cat LaCohie) seducing and then blackmails=ing an artist named Terry (Hunter Johnson) into killing her more famous artist husband (Michael Broderick), hoping she can sell his paintings for more when he’s dead. But it gets even worse than that…

“Krampus vs. Elf” is another story directed and written by Jamaal Burden that has a stop-motion battle between the characters in the title.

While all of the stories don’t work — and some seem way too adult for the doomed children — when this movie does work, it works pretty well. That’s how most modern streaming anthologies work. The good segments are usually really good. As for the rest…

Tales from the Other Side is available on DVD and on digital from Uncork’d Entertainment.

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