The Fall of the Queens (2021)

Cómo mueren las reinas is about Juana, and Mara (Malena Filmus and Lola Abraldes), two orphaned teenage sisters who live in an isolated beekeeping country house with their Aunt Inés (Umbra Colombo). You know, between Royal Jelly and Umma, I feel like I’ve seen more bees in horror since the 70s with Invasion of the Bee GirlsThe BeesThe Deadly BeesThe Savage BeesThe Killer Bees and The Swarm.

\When their cousin Lucio (Franco Rizzaro) comes into their lives, both of their lives turn into a vicious cycle of seduction and jealousy.

This film isn’t exactly horror but it isn’t drama either. It has an unsettling feeling to it, as the girls and the boy are on the very edge of innocence. I haven’t seen many modern films from Argentina, but director Lucas Nazareno Turturro has really figured out something here, a film where sisterly bonds are fragile and biology changes all of us.

While the sales materials for this movie compare it to The Wicker Man, I’m not certain that’s right. I think it’s mostly because there’s no simple film to compare this to so why not find another uncategorizable movie? Good call.

The Fall of the Queens is available on digital from Uncork’d Entertainment.

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