Elves (2018)

Last year, Paul Andolina from Wrestling with Film covered The Elf for us. Good news — he’s back to take on the sequel.

Over the past few years it has become a tradition to find either new or new to me Christmas themed horror movies. It is quite difficult to find out what is being released any given year as these films aren’t often added to databases or lists until after the season, which is a major bummer.

Sam was kind enough to inform me that Elves was actually a sequel to The Elf which I enjoyed and reviewed last year. I would have had no idea they were related if it wasn’t for him letting me know this information. Of course hearing of their connection meant that it would be a must watch this December. I gathered my beer of choice for the evening and sat back and watched Elves.

The Christmas horror subgenre happens to be one of my favorite things about the holiday season so having something novel like a movie about killer elf dolls brings a smile to my face that I can’t quite explain. Elves centers around a group of friends who are told to write down their darkest secrets and add their names to a naughty list at a small holiday get together in an old industrial building.

It turns out that an elf will watch them and if they don’t act out what they wrote about or what the elf tells them, they will pay for it with their life. The elf will even possess them to accomplish what is on the list and in the process kill its host.

This movie has about three different plots all interconnected and happening at the same time. I can see it being an issue for some but I felt like watching these stories play out through the movie kept me on my toes and invested in the film. The reasons why this is happening is explained, and it has some connections to the first film but it’s not enough that it warrants a watch of the first one before this.

However, I would suggest it anyway because the first is solid in my opinion. One of the sub plots involves an occult obsessed girl and the other a mysterious robe clad figure in a Krampus mask killing folks. It’s all tied together pretty neatly near the end.

The music is repetitive but festive and the sound design is killer. The constant whispering of the elves can be heard throughout the movie and I suggest watching this film with headphones to really appreciate the work put in by the foley artists. The movie was not directed by the writer and director of The Elf but it was produced by him.

I really do recommend this movie, it is an island among a sea of Santa clad killers and worth even just a rental if you don’t feel like committing to a purchase. I can see this being a conversation starter at a Christmas party for fans of genre film.

Please give this and The Elf a watch this season, it’s a double header best enjoyed with a cheese plate and some good company. It may be a bit too cheesy for some folks because of the premise but I don’t feel it jumps the shark at all and manages to keep itself grounded yet still wildly entertaining. Happy Holidays, folks!

NOTE: Elves is available on DVD and VOD.

Disclaimer: We were sent a screener of this film, but that doesn’t impact Paul’s review.

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