Revenge of the Ninja (1984)

Gadis Berwajah Seribu (Dream Girl) stars Barry Prima, who was in Golok Setan and I don’t believe that he could have been in a normal movie if he tried. This is supposedly about the hero and his magic necklace, but it’s also about a bunch of dudes in a post-apocalyptic vehicle with machine guns and rocket launchers and you’ll wonder, “When is this movie set?” but come on, I’m not watching this for period accuracy. I’m watching it for fistfights. And yet there are hardly any ninjas, but there are zombies.

Prima is Kiki, the muscular hero, Dana Christina is his lover Maya and Advent Bangun (the blind swordsman from — you knew it — The Warrior and the Blind Swordsman) is the man in black with throwing stars which I guess is your ninja. He also stomps a hunchback’s hunch until it’s just a regular back at one point.

There’s also an evil sorcerer, zombies, resurrection by flying bloody heart and skull, organs ripped out of people’s bodies, people blowing up, dune buggies, smoke bombs, torture sequences and yes, the worst in dubbing.

There’s a decimated print on YouTube.

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