DEATH GAME: Viciosas al desnudo (1980)

The third time that Death Game would be made happened not in America but in Spain.

Vicious and Nude is a cultural remix of that American film, casting Jack Taylor — whose career started on The Jack Benny Show and went from Mexican horror (the Nostradamus films) to Jess Franco films (Nightmares Come at NightFemale Vampire), giallo (The Killer Is One of 13), Spanish horror (The Ghost GalleonThe Vampires Night Orgy), Paul Naschy movies (Dr. Jekyll vs. The Werewolf) and stuff like PiecesConan the Barbarian and Edge of the Axe — as Juan, a married writer with a gorgeous home and great family.

Just like the first two films that inspired this movie — Death Game and Little Miss Innocent — this all changes when he picks up two young women that ruin his life. Here, however, the film is inspired by both Charles Manson and Dr. Seuss as they’re called Hippie 1 and 2 (Adriana Vega and Eva Lyberten). Even wilder is this movie takes the nihilistic ending of Death Game and ups it to challenge Thelma and Louise by eleven years.

I also further broke my brain by synching this movie up with Eli Roth’s Knock Knock remake as Cathy from Cathy’s Curse looked on with scorn.

Director and writer Manuel Esteba made mostly adult and horror films — surprise, he’s on our site — like Horror Story, the gravity disaster film Spectrum (Beyond the World’s End)Bloody Sex and El E.T.E.y el Oto, which IMDB claims is about an alien meeting Spain’s youngest psychopath.

I feel that Death Game is an essential film and while this one isn’t in the same class, I always find it so wonderful to explore how another part of the world interprets the same story. Here’s hoping you feel the same.

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