Love and Bullets (1979)

John Huston was originally going to direct Charles Bronson and Jill Ireland in this movie, working from a script by Wendell Mayes, the writer of Death Wish as well as From Hell to Texas and The Poseidon Adventure. Huston worked for some time on the film, but a mixture of illness and creative issues led to him leaving and being replaced by Stuart Rosenberg (The Amityville HorrorVoyage of the Damned).

Charlie Congers (Bronson) has been assigned to bring gangster Joe Bomposa’s (Rod Steiger) girlfriend Jackie Pruitt (Jill Ireland) back to the U.S. so that she can testify what she knows. The truth is, she knows nothing, but that doesn’t mean that Bomposa won’t take her out and the FBI won’t hang both her and Congers out to dry.

This movie was produced by Lew Grade’s ITC Entertainment, which spent millions on movies like The Legend of the Lone Ranger, Movie MovieRaise the TitanicThe Golden GateEscape to AthenaThe Golden Gate and Road to the Fountain of Youth with Bing Crosby and Bob Hope (the last two of these went unmade). The only two of their movies that made money were The Boys from Brazil and The Muppet Movie. Bronson would make two more movies for ITC, Borderline and The Evil That Men Do.

It’s not the best of Bronson’s movies, but it does have lots of great character actors in it, like Strother Martin, Bradford Dillman, Henry Silva and Paul Koslo. Not that it mattered to Bronson, who was a success on this no matter what, as he made $1.5 million, a percentage of the film’s profits, a role for his wife and the traveling expenses for an entourage of more than fourteen people and the blended Bronson-Ireland family.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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