Scare Zone (2009)

Scare Zone is open just three nights a year in the midst of a rundown strip mall, but it’s Oliver’s life’s goal to make it great. Each year, he works to create a scare team that makes the horror as real — and fun — as possible for the people who line up multiple times to take it all in.

But this year, someone is out to make it as real as possible. Deadly real.

The team that made this movie worked on attractions such as The Bourne StuntacularShrek4DPirates4D!Fear Factor Live and Waterworld: A Live Sea War Spectacular for Universal Studios Florida.

Director and writer Jon Binkowski had a great opportunity when making this movie: “The Universal Orlando Resort had built an awesome haunted maze right in the middle of one of their sound stages for Halloween Horror Nights. And, because they wanted to feature the attraction in a late November theme park convention, the maze was going to just sit there for 3 weeks doing nothing. So, my team and I leapt into action! The script practically wrote itself and it was a blast shooting for three crazy weeks on the Universal soundstage.”

Perhaps you’ve seen a similar setup in movies like Hell Fest and HauntScare Zone came first, playing festivals, Hulu and being released on DVD in 2009. Now Terror Films has re-released it and it’s a fun little slasher that can boast of having an early role for Neil Brown Jr. from Straight Outta Compton.

I kind of like that Claire (Arian Waring Ash) is a goth girl who works at both a scare zone every year as well as a Christmas store. There’s a really disquieting scene where she shows off how she cuts her arm for one of the guys and it has a really sexual tone that may or may not be turning him on. She’s probably the best part of this other than the effects.

Scare Zone will be available on the Terror Films Channel on May 27 before its Digital and VOD release on June 3. For more information, visit the Scare Zone Facebook or the Terror Films website.

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