Haunt (2019)

Scott Beck and Bryan Woods co-produced and wrote A Quiet Place before this film, which follows the framework of past movies like Hell Fest and The Funhouse, movies where haunted houses and sideshows house real killers. Eli Roth is the producer of this film, if that helps or hinders your decision to watch this.

With nothing to do on Halloween, a group of friends decide to enter an “extreme” haunted house that promises to feed on their darkest fears. The beginning of this feels a lot like Channel Zero: No End House, with each of their biggest worries dramatically coming to life.

Quickly, the group of young adults learn that some of the monsters inside this house are absolutely real. Either Beck or Woods has a major phobia of stepping on a nail, as that same horrific image from their past film happens twice in this one, along with plenty of other carnage.

Lead actress Katie Stevens also starred in the movie Polaroid which was lost in the disolution of Miramax. She was also an American Idol finalist. Her best friend, Bailey, is also played by a singer, Lauryn McClain of the pop act McClain. The Devil masked character is played by Damian Maffei, who was the leader of the Strangers in the second film in that series, The Strangers: Prey at Night.

While I really come down hard on most modern horror, this movie isn’t all that bad. There are some nice set pieces and plenty of jump scares. It’s not the best film you’ll see all year, but it’s a cut above the majority of the dreck that studios like Blumhouse are passing off as scary films this year.

Haunt is available on demand now. You can also get official shirts from Fright Rags.

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