Channel Zero: No-End House (2017)

The most basic way for me to describe the second season of Channel Zero is this sentence: a group of friends visits a haunted house only to find themselves wondering if it’s a tourist attraction or something much more. However, like all of the Channel Zero, the story only starts there.

Based on the Creepypasta story No End House, this season is all about Margot Sleator, who is mourning the loss of her father (John Carroll Lynch, one of my favorite character actors) to suicide. She’s dropped out of life and drawn away from her best friend Jules. That night, while drinking at a bar, they learn of the infamous No-End House, a haunt that randomly shows up in a new place every year, targeting people through viral ads. Their friend J.D. seems to know all the answers, but he’s easily shown up.

The house itself is all black, foreboding and just standing in the street daring people to enter. The goal: conquer all six rooms. We see the results as numerous people exit the building in tears or vomiting. Whatever is inside is the real deal. And as Margot finds herself falling for Seth — and discovering that perhaps her father isn’t as dead as she believed — everyone begins to realize that leaving the house may not be all that easy.

The part that keeps coming back to me in this season is that the house literally eats memories out of your head. Once they’re gone, you don’t remember them and the house slowly devours every single thing in your head before disposing of you. Then, the house just moves on — another town, another country.

While a completely different story, this season continues a lot of the themes of the first: childhood’s loss, the fears that come with growing up, the tests that young friendships must endure as they move toward adulthood and dream sequences that are ready to disquiet you through their imagery and gore.

I’m so excited that more people are discovering this show thanks to Shudder, where season two debuts today. We’ve been buying the DVD box sets as soon as they come out and watching all six episodes in two nights, much like the hungry ghosts within this ominous black home.

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