Turbulent Skies (2010)

So what if we invented an airplane that can fly itself?

Instantly, I see the worst case scenario here.

You know who didn’t? The genius who plans an investor flight and installs new software that lets some viruses in so that the plane starts flying like a maniac.

So the military says, “Let’s shoot it down.”

And the inventor says, “My wife is on that plane.”

Hijinks ensue.

At least this time Fred Olen Ray has a cast with Casper Van Dien, Nicole Eggert, Brad Douriff and Patrick Muldoon, all of whom are in here for name value and occasionally hang back and allow the other cast members to shine.

The strange thing is that the computer malfunctions yet is not evil nor is it out to really kill anyone. So the conflict that you expect in these movies isn’t here. There is a scene where Casper flies in some stealth stock footage and appears inside the refuelling part of the plane, ready to save every one of us.

Anyways, you can kind of consider this a Starship Troopers mini-reunion with Casper and Muldoon in the cast. Unlike the convention that would have them, you don’t need to pay $110 for a photo op.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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