Inner Sanctum (1991)

Fred Olen Ray said, “I didn’t really know what an erotic thriller was when I did Inner Sanctum. I watched Wild Orchid — fast-forwarded through it, actually — to see what was expected of me.”

Made for $650,000 and a big success, well…Ray definitely knew what erotic thrillers were after this.

Jennifer Reed (Valerie Wildman, Neon City) should be happy with all her money, but you know how rich people are in these movies. She’s sure her insurance husband Baxter (Joseph Bottoms, Blind Date) is cheating on her, so she overdoes on pills, falls down the stairs and ends up in a wheelchair. Now, she’s even less happy because she has Tanya Roberts for a nurse, a woman who may have killed her last rich female patient and then married her husband and killed him too.

Jennifer has a million dollar policy on her life that doesn’t cover suicide. Actually, what insurance does in the first two years of the police? Someone is trying to kill her, whether its Tanya Roberts or the other woman that her husband really wants, played by Margaux Hemingway.

While Margaux Hemingway’s nudity and sex scenes were doubled by Michelle Bauer, Roberts choreographed her own sex scenes. And her scene Brett Baxter Clark — Nick the dick from Bachelor Party and Thomas the gardener from Young Lady Chatterley II no less — was too sexual for even the unrated version of the movie.

Director Fred Olen Ray said that he hated working with Roberts so much that he was depressed for a year and almost quit directing, he still made two more movies with her.

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