TUBI EXCLUSIVE: Lord of the Streets (2022)

Tubi is the video store of 2022. And it has a whole shelf of movies that star somewhat recognizable names in action and horror films that are actually pretty decent watches, like Bad Influence.

Lord of the Streets takes a basic story — embattled and down on his luck MMA trainer loses a bet and has to convince his student to throw a fight — and goes wild with it. If this was made thirty years ago, it would have Billy Blanks or Don “The Dragon” Wilson in it. Or maybe Matthias Hues.

Instead, we have Anthony Criss — Treach of Naughty by Nature — as Jason Dyson, a former fighter turned coach haunted by the man he killed in the ring. He’s alienated his wife and daughter and now thrown away the one good thing he had, his relationship with a fighter named Tre.

Anthony is down deep and goes lower, losing a hundred grand card game to the titular lord of the streets, Kane (former MMA fighter Quinton “Rampage” Jackson) and being forced to get Tre to throw a fight. He refuses and gets killed, Anthony’s daughter gets kidnapped and he must train a convict named Damon Stone (UFC star Khalil “The War Horse” Rountree Jr.) to fight five men in a row all in one night.

Meanwhile, Richard Grieco is Detective Kayes, a cop who wants to take down Kane by any means necessary.

If you like to spot MMA fighters in movies, this is the one for you, with roles for Raja “Da Clone” Jackson, Carrese “One Punch” Archer, Eddie Avakoff and most importantly Anderson “The Spider” Silva, the man who held the UFC Middleweight Championship for nearly seven years. He’s perhaps the best MMA fighter of all time.

Director and writer Jared Cohn also has made Stalker In the HouseShark SeasonSwim and many more films. The strangest thing he does in this movie — spoiler warning — is spend time setting up characters as what we assume are the leads of the movie — it starts with how Damon was jailed in the first place — and then writing them off, sometimes even off screen.

Lord of the Streets feels like a Lorenzo Lamas action film enjoyed with pizza, beer and other substances. It’s like Cool Ranch Doritos — you wouldn’t brag it up as the best thing ever, but when you are sitting there, you get a craving and think, “How good are these Doritos? Pretty good.” and then just get on with your life.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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