Inner Sanctum II (1994)

Jennifer Reed (Tracy Brooks Swope, taking over for Valerie Wildman from Inner Sanctum) once killed her husband in self-defense and that’s a spoiler if you didn’t watch the first one.

Now, she keeps seeing him coming back from the dead in her dreams while her waking time is spent dealing with battling over her husband’s inheritance with her brother-in-law Bill (Michael Nouri) and wife Sharon (Sandahl Bergman).

Margaux Hemingway comes back to play exactly the same part as the first movie, while director Fred Olen Ray brings in his regulars here like Robert Quarry and Peter Spellos while finding work for David Warner, Joe Estevez and Jennifer Ciesar, who plays a sinister nurse.

This also has a zombie husband instead of Joseph Bottoms, less sex than the original and no Tanya Roberts. I can only assume that she was too busy starring as Rebecca on the Cinemax After Dark series Hot Line, a role she took over from Shannon Tweed that had her hosting a radio show that would introduce the sexual hijinks of every episode.

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