Sniper: Special Ops (2016)

Segal and Van Dam — together for the first time.

Steven Seagal and…Rob Van Dam weed-loving pro wrestler.

Also this is not a Sniper sequel despite the story of Master Gunnery Sergeant Tom Beckett taking place over eight movies.

Seagal is Sergeant Jake Chandler, an expert sniper, one so good that he’s rarely — if ever — in the same shot with his co-stars, shot like Jamie Lee Curtis in an Activia commercial.

The rest of the team — Van Dam, Tim Abell, Jason Shane-Scott — have been given the goal of rescuing a U.S. Congressman who has been kidnapped by the Taliban.

While I’d love to believe the IMDB fact “In preparation for this role Steven Seagal at fast food for a year straight while living with a family in Wisconsin,” I do appreciate the silent warrior who has been watching Fred Olen Ray movies and posting their military inaccuracies on the site, such as  “The sniper rifle makes the “phew” sound typical for suppressed gunfire in movies. High-powered long-range rifles are impossible to fully suppress because the bullets travel at over twice the speed of sound and make a loud sonic “crack” as they travel downrange. Although the suppressed muzzle blast makes it difficult to ascertain the position of the shooter, combatants in the target area will still hear the rifle fire and realize they are being fired upon.”

That’s the kind of obsessive movie writing that I adore. If that’s you, please write for this site.

Segal is in this movie for ten minutes. You can understand him for about three of those minutes.

At the end of this movie, the NATO reporter (Charlene Amoia) along with the crew takes photos of each of the soldiers.

RVD does his pose as if a crowd of dissidents would soon shout “Whole F-N Show!”

I laughed for about forty minutes.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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