Air Rage (2001)

Colonel John Sykes and his men were sent to save hostages, but when everyone is dead, they go wild and massacre an entire village. They return home to be court-martialed but refuse to go quietly when General Harlan Prescott (Alex Cord, Airwolf) throws the literal book at them. Sykes and his men respond by taking a flight with Prescott hostage.

Who can save them? Matt Marshall (Ice-T) for one. And air hostess Kelly Young (Kimberly Oja). But when Matt gets hurt, anything can happen.

Like you know, Gil Gerard showing up.

Imagine if Executive Decision was made with stock footage.

Imagine a movie where Ice-T shows up nearly forty minutes in and is presumed dead at least twice if not ten times.

Imagine a poster that is so close to Turbulence that I might be watching Turbulence.

Imagine watching this on Tubi.

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