Il tuo dolce corpo da uccidere (1970)

Known as Your Sweet Body to Kill and A Suitcase for a Corpse, this was directed by Alfonso Brescia, who made the absolutely wild movies The Beast In Space and Iron WarriorClive Ardington (George Ardisson, Eyes Behind the Stars) has long dreamed of killing his wife Diana (Françoise Prévost), who abuses him verbally any chance that she gets and uses his money to bankroll the clinic of her lover Franz (Eduardo Fajardo). He can’t divorce her — the scandal would ruin his political aspirations — so he comes up with a plan: present an official letter claiming that Franz was part of the German enemy during World War II, then get him to murder Diana, hack her to bits and leave her in two suitcases.

Clive intends to dump the suitcases in an acid pit, but he has to fly there, which means that the suitcases are leaking all over the airport, which adds a bit of comedy to the proceedings. Even more — while one case has his dead wife in it, the other does not. Soon, Clive is being blackmailed, so his dream of escaping his life doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

Can giallo be funny? This movie says si.

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