In a New York Minute (2019)

Amy Chen (Amy Chang) is a food critic haunted by a past breakup that has led to her developing an eating disorder as her co-worker Peter (Jae Shin) attempts to heal her stomach and get her to fall for him, which may happen when they have to act together in an ad for a pho restaurant.

Angel Li (Yi Liu) is in a loveless marriage with an American businessman named Howard (Erik Lochtefeld). She’s just scored the role of a lifetime, playing a spurned woman who jumps off a bridge, all while she falls for a writer named David (Ludi Lin).

Nina Wong (Celia Au) came to America thanks to her family paying a high cost which she must pay by selling her body as an escort. But can her relationship Ian (Roger Yeh) help her escape the constant toll of selling herself?

Based on a Chinese short story, In A New York Minute is an Asian and Asian American-led film that explores love in three different stories.

First-time writer/director Ximan Li — who co-wrote the script with Yilei Zhou — has created a great interconnected film that comes together quite well. It doesn’t get overly dramatic and allows you a window into lives and experiences that you wouldn’t get to have otherwise. Isn’t that what all great movies should do for their viewers?

In A New York Minute is available on digital from Gravitas Ventures.

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