Bugie rosse (1993)

A ruthless serial killer is murdering male prostitutes and Marco (Tomas Arana, Body Puzzle) is the journalist trying to figure out the case, investigating — some may say Cruising as this movie is the giallo remake remix ripoff of that film — the gay bars and dealing with his worries about all the male attention he’s getting. Luckily he’s married to a stewardess named Adria (Gioia Scola, who is in another late 80s/early 90s giallo that needs more people talking about it, Obsession: A Taste for Fear) just in case you think he’s going to get converted, which would make this a much more interesting movie — even if one of the suspects, Andrea (Lorenzo Flaherty) makes him feel rather funny.

You have to admit that a 1993 movie that uses an internet chat room for men to find men is years ahead of the curve, much less a film in which there’s no judgment for the male characters finding the sex they dare not speak in the straight world. That’s a big leap for the giallo genre, which in the past has only had gay characters appear as red herrings or used as comedy.

Plus, I’m always happy to see Natasha Hovey (Cheryl from Demons) in a movie, as well as Alida Valli (SuspiriaEyes Without a FaceThe Killer NunFatal Frames). Directed and written by Pierfrancesco Campanella, who also made the 2003 giallo Bad Inclination and the shorts La goccia maledettaL’idea malvagia and L’amante perfetta.

The end of this movie — spoiler mode — is incredible because Gioia Scola dresses up like a boy and allows her husband to pick her up.

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