Zagor kara bela (1975)

Created by editor and writer Sergio Bonelli and artist Gallieno Ferri, Italian comic book hero Zagor is even more popular outside its home country, especially in Croatia, Serbia and Turkey, where two unauthorized movies — 1970s Zagor, this movie and its same year sequel Zagor: Kara Korsanin Hazineleri — were made.

Zagor is a costumed hero but instead of being in modern times, he’s located in the old west, the son of a white army officer and his wife who were both killed by Native Americans. He was raised by Wandering Fitzy, a trapper who taught him how to be unstoppable with an axe — his Native American name Za-Gor Te-Nay translates as The Spirit with the Hatchet – who started his heroic career hunting the men who killed his parents. He soon learned that his father wasn’t the good person he was led to believe that he was, so he became an equal opportunity protector of the oppressed.

His abilities include superhuman strength, agility and endurance as well as nearly undefeatable fighting skills. He can catch arrows out of the air and has no issues fighting bears, alligators and other wildlife hand-to-claw. Some stories even suggest that Zagor may be blessed by the Great Spirit and serves as his hero on Earth or may even be a descendant of Atlantis or a reincarnated African god.

Levent Çakir plays Zagor, Nevzat Açikgöz is his sidekick Chico and Yavus Selekma — Santo from 3 Dev Adam — plays a young Native American. They’re all up against a mysterious masked killer who looks something like a wild west fumetti character.

Turkey loves its superheroes, no matter what era they’re in.

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