Circle of Fear episode 18: “Legion of Demons”

Directed by Paul Stanley, who had more than 110 directing credits, and written by Anthony Lawrence (who created The Phoenix and The Sixth Sense) and Richard Matheson, is all about Betty (Shirley Knight, Paul Blart’s mom), whose friend Janet (Kathryn Hays, As the World Turns)  has invited to leave small town life behind and enjoy the big city.

Except the big city is filled with devil worshippers.

Janet disappears and the office where she worked suggests that Betty take her place. But as she works more and more around these drones, she wonders if they have lost their souls.

Because they have.

Starring Jon Cypher (Man-At-Arms from Masters of the Universe), John Ventantonio (George Atwood in Private Parts), Neva Patterson, Paul Karr, James Luisi and Bridget Hanley, this episode may take a fair amount from Rosemary’s Baby, but when William Castle is your producer, you can do that.

This is one of the better episodes, filled with inventive camera angles, arresting dream sequences and plenty of Satanic imagery. Consider this my recommendation.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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