Phenomenal and the Treasure of Tutankhamen (1968)

Directed by “Monsieur Cannibal” Ruggero Deodato under the name of Roger Rockfeller, this is a movie that even its director admits that he “didn’t give a shit about the film.” Deodato went on to claim that the producer and star of this film, Nicola Mauro Parenti, was “too stiff, a dog of an actor; I treated him like shit on the set, but then he called me again for Zenabel.” This was also his first directing job.

This is a fumetti movie not based on any existing character, but obviously in the same world as Kriminal and Danger: Diabolik. Unlike those movies, Phenomenal is the hero and he’s going up against Gordon Mitchell and his gang to keep the treasures of Egypt — the title does not lie — safe. There’s a lot of sitting around and talking where there should be action, but one look at the hero’s costume — a turtleneck and a stocking mask — shows you how inspired this was. Look — not everyone can do Eurospy or comic book action adventure.

That said, the Bruno Nicoli score is quite nice and it’s never a bad thing to spend 90 minutes with Lucretia Love, who was also in The Killer Reserved Nine SeatsDr. Heckyl and Mr. Hype and Enter the Devil.

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