Star Jjangga II: Super Betaman, Majingga V (1990)

Super Batman & Mazinger V is a South Korean show seemingly daring the lawyers of major corporations in America and Japan to unleash their full retainers. Is the hero Batman? Is it Golden Bat? What does Castle Grayskull have to do with all of this? Why are some moments animated and others not? What did this have to do with Black Star and the Golden Bat? Why are the bad guys all neon werewolves? And how does Mazinger V exist in the same space and time as Batman? Is it Batman or Betaman?

So many questions. I have more, like why is there a large man dressed like a child carrying a giant robot toy? Did the animated evil queen come first or the live action one? Why does one of the kids have painted on freckles? And what about when Batman or Betaman jumps into a waterfall and literally becomes a cutout photo animation unlike every other moment on this show or movie or whatever it is?

I really don’t know why or how but I’m into whatever it is and want so much more.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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