Black Star and the Golden Bat (1979)

Who is the lead character in this? Batman? The Golden Bat of Japanese culture? The Batman of Zur-En-Arrh?

Who knows, but when a bunch of kids and their pet dog find supervillain Black Star and his army of henchmen, they must find the hero they worship and get his help, all to show their dying friend that they can be brave. Also, cats and dogs in this universe have the power of speech while humans are animated so poorly that they stand in place for several minutes at a time.

I always hated teen characters and sidekicks, because I never wanted to be Wendy and Marvin or Bucky or Robin. I wanted to be Batman. Years later, I still can’t figure out why comics and cartoons and pushed these second bananas our way. Well, this movie has like six Snapper Carrs in it and one’s dying and his mom died and now he’s going bald.

Made in Korea, dubbed in Spanish, combining a Japanese superhero with an American one. It’s a wild world, huh?

You can watch this on YouTube.

One thought on “Black Star and the Golden Bat (1979)

  1. The reason for the sidekicks is that some idiot editor in the early days of superheroes, i.e. the war, that kids want to see kids onscreen, to identify with them. WRONG – no kid likes seeing kids in the movies. We identify with the adults or imagine them as our cool older brothers. Marvel understood that. DC no. What I don’t understand is why so many DC comics and movies STILL shoehorn in Robin and the like, (or there’s “Boy” ruining the post-code Tarzans, clinging to this fundamental misunderstanding of child psychology. Ask a kid what he most wants to be, and the answer is an ADULT, so no one can tell them when to go to bed and what to eat.


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