APRIL MOVIE THON DAY 29: The 13th Friday (2017)

Justin Price also directed The Mummy Rebirth, AbominableElvesWrong Place, Wrong Time and more, all direct to streaming or the shelves of WalMart films that you may not have noticed.

The movie starts with these words: “Somewhere in Texas is a house said to be so haunted that a church was built on the property and the family that lived on the house was never heard from again.”

Sounds good, right?

Then a puzzle globe shows up, plus monsters in a cave, plus a grim reaper-dressed villain and the idea that if the kids gathered in that very same Texas house years later — which looks totally clean with no dust at all — must sacrifice 13 people or they themselves will die.

That said, as much as this movie takes from every possession movie and tries to be a Hellraiser movie — a good idea, because a lot of movies that didn’t intend to be Hellraiser movies ended up being Hellraiser movies, so hey let’s try and be a Hellraiser movie and see what happens —   but man, that onepossessionn scene is really great looking and has some awesome effects. If that energy existed for the entire movie, I would have loved this.

There are two IMDB facts for this movie: “It’s been said that Justin Price is very difficult to work with” and “Deanna Grace Congo regrets doing the movie.” I’m willing to bet that Deanna Grace Congo supplied those facts. Then again, she’s been in multiple Price-directed projects after this.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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