Godforsaken (2020)

Filmed in Harriston, Ontario, Canada — hometown of star Chad Tailor — this movie uses some found footage to show the story of a documentary crew who has come to town to learn how and why a dead woman rose from her coffin during her funeral and behaved like some possessed demon.

Seeing how this girl is the childhood friend of one of the filmmakers, this combines that hoary nugget we see so often — someone trying to go back home — with possession and found footage, which is what it takes to get a film streaming.

Godforsaken was directed and written by Ali Akbar Akbar Kamal (who directed 2016’s Faceless and is working on a movie titled Once Upon a Time In Afghanistan) who said, “Growing up in a religious community in the Middle East, I always had a fascination with other worldly beings. As a child I would often hear things like “You will burn for eternity if you commit a sin” or “You will go blind if you question God.” All of which struck terror in my heart.

As a horror fan I always found that feeling of terror to be captivating. The fear of unknown beings that hold unlimited power over us. I wrote Godforsaken with that fear in mind. Our objective was to make a movie that touches on those feelings but most importantly I wanted to make something that was fun and exciting to watch.”

Godforsaken will premiere on the Terror Films Channel on March 25 followed by a worldwide digital release April 8.

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