CANNON MONTH: Too Much (1987)

How did Cannon decide to take on so many movies? And which ones? Because Too Much came out in 1987, a year during which I estimate they released thirty-three movies. Can you imagine a studio releasing a new movie almost every week?

Susie (Bridgette Anderson, who was Savannah in Savannah Smiles and was also in the 1983 version of Nightmares and played young Mae West in the TV movie of her life; sadly, she died at the age of 21 from mixing alcohol and heroin, way to bring this article down early, huh?) and her parents are in Japan to visit her father’s business partner Tetsuro (Akio Ishimuro from Ultraman Gaia).

Tetsuro creates a robot friend for her that she names Too Much because, well, he’s Too Much. You remember Max Steel’s Robo Force? Those big suction cup robots that came out right before Transformers and looked hopelessly antiquated as they warmed the pegs? Well, Too Much makes them look like sleek Hajime Sorayama illustrations by comparison.

Yet for some reason. Dr. Finkel wants the robot. Obviously, there have to be better ones, like Johnny 5. But no, that won’t do. So when Susie runs away with TM and a Japanese kid named Mata, he hunts for her. And man, Japanese cops are wild, because they open fire on the robot at one point, even surrounded by gas pumps.

Cannon being Cannon, this was directed by Eric Rochat, who is probably best known for making multiple adaptions of The Story of O. Yes, they put this man in charge of a kid movie. A kid movie that by all accounts never played in the U.S. and had a very limited VHS release.

So that means I can totally spoil this movie: Susie, Mata and TM end up hiding in a department store that just so happens to have a robot fair. Everything turns into a robot uprising where cute remote control toys battle the police, which I am all for, and the cops use cattle prods to kill the cute toys until a couple of hundred kids in shirts that say “I love TM” — how did they have time to get these clothes made so quickly — and swarm the assembled mad scientist henchmen and the police, raising a flag over the store and the evil doctor ends up electrocuting himself as our female protagonist just walks away, smiling and loving white privilege.

3 thoughts on “CANNON MONTH: Too Much (1987)

  1. Who was the actor who played the bad guy Dr Finkel? All the online search I’ve read said it was an ACTRESS called Char Fontane. Is that true?


    • I checked in with the amazing and awesome Austin Trunick of the Cannon Film Guide and he said: “Dr. Finkel is definitely a miscredit online. The press kit has him down as Char Fontana and after further poking around, I believe it may be the Charlie Fontana whose only IMDB credits are a Japanese film and some voiceover work on a Mega Man game. I can only find one headshot, but it kinda looks like him (minus a beard, plus 20ish years, give or take the shitty VHS transfer of Too Much I’m working from). But based on the clips on YouTube of his Mega Man character, it sounds a LOT like the same guy. Butt considering it was Cannon, I’m sure they would have hired local actors in Japan for those non-Bridgette Anderson roles, so it would make sense to me.”


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