CANNON MONTH: Down Twisted (1987)

Maxine (Carey Lowell) is the kind of person who will do anything for her friends, including her roommate Michelle, who gets her involved in all sorts of hijinks over a stolen religious idol, The Crucible Of San Luca, which ends up getting her kidnapped and meeting a mercenary named Reno Mars (Charles Rocket).

Sure, it’s another trip through Romancing the Stone. The difference is that it’s directed by Albert Pyun, who also made Dangerously Close, Vicious LipsRadioactive DreamsCyborg, Dollman and many more.  That means that it works hard to not be fully normal.

There’s also a cast that genre fans will enjoy spotting, like Thom Matthews (Tommy Jarvis!), Linda Kerridge from Fade to Black, Norbert Weisser (who is in several Pyun movies), Nicholas Guest (Todd, the put-up next door neighbor in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation), Galyn Görg (Cain’s lover in RoboCop 2) and even Courtney Cox.

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