Vicious Lips (1986)

I love Comet. It’s like having old-time TV back, finding movies that you never knew existed as they are beamed directly into your home without you having to search for them. One Sunday afternoon, before a great nap, I discovered this one.

The Vicious Lips are trying to become the biggest rock band in the galaxy. Made up of Bree Synn (Gina Calabrese, The Dungeonmaster), Wynzi Krodo (Linda Kerridge, Marilyn from Fade to Black!) and Mandaa UUeu (Shayne Farris, who was also in Down Twisted with Kerridge), they’ve just lost their lead singer Ace to, well, death and need to get to a gig across the universe. Luckily, they find Judy Jetson (Dru-Anne Perry, who also plays Ace) and give her their dead singer’s name and get on their way.

I wanted to love this movie based on the first ten minutes or so, but then I realized that it came from Albert Pyun (The Sword And The Sorcerer, Cannon’s Captain America), so I had to adjust my excitement level. Here I was, hoping to get a movie about a punk rock girl band hellraising through the cosmos with the art direction of Heavy Metal and what I got was a hair ballad playing girl group slowly moving in a boring plot with art direction by whoever did the Rinse Dream’s Cafe Flesh or The Dark Brothers’ movies. That doesn’t sound like a bad thing actually. But here it is, as this film commits the cardinal sin of being boring.

If you still want to watch it, Shout! Factory has released it on blu-ray and you can watch it for free with your Amazon Prime membership.

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