CANNON MONTH: Field of Honor (1986)

Dutch mercenary Sergeant De Koning (Everett McGill) has been left alone in Korea after his platoon, who have been committing numerous war crimes, are attacked. Then the Korean girl he’d pushed into prostitution ends up becoming more important to him and he tries to help her little brother alive. De Koning also makes the journey from the kind of soldier who would get everyone drunk on the front lines — leading to that deadly attack by the Red Chinese — to some level of redemption.

Directed by Hans Scheepmaker and Dae-hie Kim, who co-wrote the script with Henk Bos, Field of Honor was delayed in its native Netherlands for more than a year because of the bad reception it got at the Cannes Film Festival. It’s not as horrible as reviews at the time suggest, but in no way as good as other similar war films of the 80s like Platoon.

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