Eye for Eye (2022)

I saw a tweet the other day where someone was amazed that there are modern westerns that still come out. These are the same folks amazed that Trump won, that middle America outnumbers the cities and that DVDs are still for sale at WalMart. I mean, come to Belle Vernon, PA to my America’s Super Store and you’ll discover several aisles and bins just overflowing with movies like Eye for Eye.

According to his IMB page, writer, director and actor L.J. Martin is the author of over 68 book-length works from such major NY publishers as Bantam, Avon and Pinnacle with titles covering genres like westerns, thrillers, mysteries, and historical; two cookbooks, two how-to write books, a cartoon book and even a book on how to kil cancer, because L.J. hasn’t just beat cancer once, he beat it twice. He’s been a wrangler, camp cook, draftsman, water company manager, sailor, printer, real estate broker and developer, appraiser and contractor. And now, well, he’s making a movie.

With John Savage from The Deer Hunter as one of the leads, this is the story of Quint Reagan (Shane Clouse, who also composed the music Eye for Eye), whose small ranch runs afoul of men who kill his wife Consuela (Ashley Rae McGee) and take his land.

Sold as “a classic western revenge tale,” just go in knowing this is a modern shot on digital low budget movie where some anachronisms seep through. But if you’ve been renting modern films like this at Red Box or buying them from a swimming pool-sized container at WalMart, you already know that.

You can learn more at the official site for the film or the Facebook page.

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