Stronger By Stress (2022)

When conventional medicine is struggling to keep up with the stress of modern life. That’s why Stronger By Stress expores, as biohackers explain the holistic ways that they have trained themselves within in an attempt to defeat stress and increase their performance.

So what is biohacking? According to the filmmakers, this do-it-yourself biology is a growing social movement in which individuals, communities and small organizations study biology and life science using the same methods as traditional research institutions.
 With the advancement of technology and science, we now have access to more data that helps us to make better decisions and improve our wellbeing.

So is this doing your own research?

Director Andzei and writer Siim Land, whose books Metabolic Autophagy, The Immunity Fix, The Mineral Fix and Stronger by Stress, which this movie is based on, discuss this new sciene, along with The Biohacker’s Handbook author Teemy Arina, breathwork expert Leigh Erwin, Biohacker Center co-founder Olli Sovijarvi and Inka Immonen, who is an expert in neuropsychology, meditation and yoga.

To learn more, visit the official site for the movie.

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