Home-Sitters (2022)

Starring Chloé Guillot and directed by Chris Rakotomamonjy, Home-Sitters is about a young woman hired as a house-sitter for a mansion in the middle of huge gardens. This assignment looks like a dream job until mercenaries try to break in to get a mysterious McGuffin that’s hidden within the house.

Featuring choreography from veteran fight choreographer Jorge Lorca (The Cursed, From Paris With Love), Home-Sitters is filled with tense action and star Guillot has some pretty great abilities for someone who hasn’t been in many movies. The action never really stops, which is how to handle things if your budget isn’t all that great, right?

The special thanks for this movie are great: South Korean director Seung-wan Ryoo and comics creators Jim Shooter (a Pittsburgh-born comic book writer who started on Legion of Superheroes before becoming the architect of the post-Stan Lee Marvel Universe, as well as Valiant and Defiant comics), Roger Stern (who had an amazing run on Captain America with John Byrne and created the Hobgoblin), Bill Manto (who wrote ROM SpaceknightMicronauts and created the Guardians of the Galaxy) and David Michelinie (who created War Machine, Venom and Carnage).

You can watch Home-Sitters on Amazon Prime.

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