The Last Possession (2022)

Kent Peroni (Stephen Brodie, Baphomet), his wife Steph (Cassie Shea Watson) and their kids Jack (Sawyer Bell) and Gabby (Lourelle Jensen) are living through the economic downturn that we’re all dealing with, forcing them to move back home into Kent’s dead father’s (Tom Proctor) house, a place that holds no happy memories for our protagonist.

But then the kids start seeing a monster, there’s an earthquake in the backyard and even the adults start feeling the temperature drop without any reason. Kent asks his friend Hector (Daniel Escudero) what he should do next, which dues ex Poltergeist means that Hector’s grandmother (Patricia Rae) is a psychic.

Of course, this seems like a haunted housee movie until the idea that Kent’s drunken and mefatherthr is trying to atone from beyond the grave from something that might be…well, look at the poster if you want to spoil the big twist, which I loved, because it’s way out there and kind of puts some peanut butter into the chocolate.

Terror Films will debut The Last Possession on the Terror Films Channel on March 4 followed by a digital and on demand release on March 11. For more information, visit their website and Facebook page. You can learn more about this movie on its official Facebook page.

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