A Day to Die (2022)

Ex-military ops officer and current parole officer Conner Connolly (Kevin Dillon, The Blob) has just 24 hours to pay $2 million to gang leader Pettis (Leon Robinson, Derice from Cool Runnings) in order to save his kidnapped pregnant wife Candace (Brooke Butler, All Cheerleaders Die). Turns out that by saving a parolee by killing one of Pettis’ men, he’s lost his job and now has a price on his head. Luckily his old crew, which includes Brice Mason (Frank Grillo, who was awesome in the Purge movies), is ready to help him.

They’re going to need it, because they have a score to settle with Alston (Bruce Willis), a corrupt police chief who — you guessed it — is working with Pettis.

A lot of people may wonder why we get a Bruce Willis movie every week. Many of those people either don’t watch action movies or live near a WalMart, where these films on shelves or in Red Boxes need recognizable faces to sell them. So if Bruce wants to sleepwalk through these movies and we want to pay to watch him, who is really hurting?

You can find A Day to Die wherever you find Bruce Willis movies.

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