CANNON MONTH: Hayal Halayla (1984)

Soldier of the Night AKA Night Soldier is surprisingly a slasher, a movie in which a man dreams of being a soldier after he is drafted but a problem with his spleen keeps him from service, a fact he keeps from his new lover. As their relationship blooms, she keeps hearing about a serial killer targeting Israeli soldiers. After meeting his father, she’s told that her boyfriend is no soldier, but then what commando missions does he take on every single night?

Dan Wolman also directed NanaBaby Love and Up Your Anchor for Cannon. I’ve read this is the first Israeli horror film and while it plays slowly, the close of the movie is pretty harrowing, with a series of brutal attacks and the final fate of its antagonist being quite rough.

The idea of a pre-PTSD soldier having a mental breakdown is intriguing and there’s a good movie somewhere in here. That’s often the Cannon way. There’s an idea that demands an incredibly nuanced film to explore it and what ends up on the screen is often the opposite and that’s what’s fascinating.

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