Adventures In Success (2021)

A wellness startup — actually a sex culy — has settled into the Catskills to build a perfect community and spread the knowldge of their mystical female founder Pegasus Appleyard (Lexie Mountain). They believe that female pleasure can heal Mother Earth, something that the small town they’ve settled in just can’t understand.

This group’s main ritual is called Jilling Off and it’s all about erotic massage for women and nothing at all for the men. With limited resources, Peggy decides that the group’s fortunes lay in a Niagra Fallls health and wellness show. She and her Sensual Seekers are working to create a trade show booth that will get them the funds they need.

I love that the official site for this movie is directly from the cult and totally in character. Written by Rachel Gayle Webster (who edited I Am an Electric Lampshade), Susan Juvet and director Jay Buim, the film works much the same way, a mockumentary about how the cult attempts to save the world via the female orgasm. If you’re easily offended — or stuck home with your parents — this may not be the right choice. Otherwise, it’s an entertaining look at just what it takes to believe in something, no matter how much the rest of the world doesn’t.

Adventures In Success is now available on iTunes and Amazon Prime Video.

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