I’m An Electric Lampshade (2021)

Doug McCorkle is a buttoned-up, mild-mannered, sixty-ish corporate accountant that’s getting ready to retire. But he’s not going to just sit on the couch. No, Doug is putting it all on the line — his life’s savings and marriage foremost on the chopping block — to chase his life’s dream.

Doug is going to be a rock star.

Written and directed by John Clayton Doyle, this movie is referred to as a documentary-narrative hybrid “with much of the cast playing versions of themselves, adding to the authenticity of a film that would’ve been difficult to fake.” That sounds like the kind of doublespeak that makes you wonder if this real.

As his wife battles with mental illness at home, Doug heads to Mexico City, working with people he’d never have even met in his old life. It all leads to him performing on a gigantic stage and making a music video and being the star he’d always dreamed of.

The beginning of this film was a bit difficult to get through. After all, who cares about another rich white guy? But by the end, Doug’s openness and willingness to experiment and just plain go for broke makes this an enjoyable watch.

I’m An Electric Lampshade is still playing filmfestivalss, but you can learn more at the official website.

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