CANNON MONTH: Private Manoeuvres (1983)

How much do I love Cannon?

I haven’t just watched every Lemon Popsicle movie, I’ve now moved into the spinoff, in which Yudale enters into his mandatory Israeli army service and helps Sergeant Shemesh defeat a rival base. Maybe that’ll happen, but they’re both obsessed with sleeping with the Swiss ambassador’s wife (Sibylle Rauch, who was also in another movie in this series, Hot Bubblegum).

If you think that Italian and Japanese movies have bad dubbing, let me introduce you to this movie, which sounds like the absolute most deranged voice recording that I’ve ever heard before.

Director Zvi Shisei also made the 2001 reboot Lemon Popsicle: The Party Goes On and man, realizing that I still have so many movies in this series kind of makes me fearful for the extent of the obsessive-compulsive love of Cannon that I have.

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