MIDWEST WEIRDFEST: It Hatched (2021)

Mira (Vivian Ólafsdóttir) and Pétur (Gunnar Kristinsson) have left Nashville and are about to open an air bnb way out in the wilds of Iceland. Should be a peaceful escape, right? But something dark is there, something that won’t just stalk them in the daylight, something that makes Mira lay an egg and Pétur face madness, a hole in the house and warnings that his child will be evil.

The first full-length movie from director and writer Elvar Gunnarsson — and co-writers Ingimar Sveinsson and Magnus Omarsson — It Hatched plays with time and space throughout, as colors intrude to create monochromatic images of terror and dream logic takes over the normal way that reality should work.

There’s something in here about how Mira loves her child no matter what, while her husband goes from unsure to utter paranoia. It’s also a movie completely unconcerned with being normal, feeling like some type of alien comment on humanity and I mean that with the absolute highest of compliments. It’s weird and wonderful and singularly interested in being very much its own thing.

It Hatched plays MidWest WeirdFest on Saturday, March 5 at 10:00 PM CST. You can get tickets and more information on the MidWest Weird Fest website. You can learn more about It Hatched on the official Facebook page.

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