Imagine if Critters with crabs, shut your mind off and just have fun, because Crabs! was the kind of goofy fun I was looking for at the end of a long week. It’s prom night, a nuclear accident has turned some horseshoe crabs into death machines and things are about to get awesome.

Phillip McCalister (Dylan Riley Snyder) and Maddy (Allie Jennings) are getting ready for the big dance, which Philip will use as an opportunity to test out the braces that he’s invented that will allow him to walk. His brother, a cop named Hunter (Bryce Durfee), discovers a half-eaten whale — a great effect — and before you know it, the brothers, Maddy, her mother (Jessica Morris) and exchange student Radu (Chase Padgett) go up against an entire army of three different crab monster species.

The first full-length movie from director and writer Pierce Berolzheimer, Crabs! is the kind of movie that has its hero make a shark mecha to battle a crab kaiju and you know, I don’t need any more than that. Allow it to chase away your bad week too.

Crabs! plays MidWest WeirdFest on Friday, March 4 at 6:00 PM CST. You can get tickets and more information on the MidWest Weird Fest website.

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