JESS FRANCO MONTH: Historia sexual de O (1984)

Princess von Baky (Carmen Carrión) leads a life of wickedness, using everyone around her, like her sickly and impotent husband (Daniel Katz) and her servants Mara (Mari Carmen Nieto) and Mauro (Mauro Rivera), who lure virgins to her home where they all violate and torture the innocence out of them until the well runs dry.

A young American named Odéle (Alicia Príncipe) has been spying on them. As she starts to become part of the carnal games within the home, Mauro falls in love with her and tries to save her, but as the movie moves from a languid soft core feel to a psychedelic burst of blue lights and bloody BDSM violence, everything gets incredible apocalyptic, followed by a walk into the sea that perhaps can wash away the blood. But probably not.

Franco made this movie with an entirely new cast of actors than he usually used in an attempt to shake things up. One wonders if he could have done that by making a film he hadn’t already made before, but I have no interest in questioning Franco, only using his films to send my brain into a level of near drug-induced drone.

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