JESS FRANCO MONTH: La marque de Zorro (1975)

1975 saw two movies titled The Mark of Zorro, one from Italian director Franco Lo Cascio that starred George Hilton, and this film, directed by Marius Lesoeur with uncredited directing help from Alain Payet and Jess Franco. There was also the big budget Alain Delon movie that same year, directed by Duccio Tessari, that was such a huge deal that it became one of the first Western-produced films to be exported to the People’s Republic of China after the Cultural Revolution where more than 70 million viewers watched it.

This is not that movie.

This was made in France with French actors, pulling footage from La venganza del Zorro* like Godfrey Ho and with Franco regulars Howard Vernon as the Governor of California and Monica Swinn as his daughter, well…this won’t be the best Zorro movie that you’ve ever seen. Speaking of Zorro, he’s played by Clint Douglas, who only made two other movies.

You have to give Eurocine some credit for trying to cash in, but if anyone was fooled, well, they deserve to get the ZZ on both cheeks of their life.

*Which was co-written by Franco.

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