JESS FRANCO MONTH: Is Cobra a Spy (1984)

Juan (Juan Solar) is a John Cage-style composer and he’s married to Ana (Lina Romay) and their honeymoon gets weird when some spies think they’ve stolen a microfilm, but it was left by hitchhikers Carla and Albert (Alicia Príncipe and Emilio Linder).

Eva Leon plays Irina Von Karlstein, so maybe Jess Franco is reminding us of his bare breasted countess past. There’s also a Radeck, played by Antonio Mayans, so this movie makes me think that I’m starting to see the Jess Franco Cinematic Universe within every movie he made now, which bought delights and kind of scares me, because I’m close to watchin ninety of these movies in four weeks and my brain is soft.

All of these spies, as well as Marga (Analía Ivars), are trying to steal Mariposa 2, a butterfly whose wings carry dust that causes deadly diarrhea. It’s a coincidence that Juan’s newest song is called “Mariposa 2” or maybe Juan is a spy.

There’s so much talking in this movie and probably some humor that you need to know Spanish culture on a much deeper level to get or you can just watch Lina Romay run around, which I do on a daily basis.

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