JESS FRANCO MONTH: El ojete de Lulú (1986)

Lina Romay is Lulu and the title refers to a part of her anatomy, so this translates as Lulu’s Talking Ass and if that makes you laugh, then you’re ready for what Jess Franco made. After all, her butt talks and explains how it’s upset that other parts of her body get more attention.

I mean, this movie has a smash cut to said talking ass smoking a cigarette and I just started laughing like a maniac. At this point, one assumes, Franco couldn’t even remember the censorship of General Francisco Franco’s Nationalist leadership.

In 2008, Franco was awarded an honorary Goya Award, which is the Spanish version of the Academy Awards. I tell you this to prepare you for the scene where Lina makes love to an Oscar.

So you know, when you’ve seen it all, you should probably see this.

2 thoughts on “JESS FRANCO MONTH: El ojete de Lulú (1986)

  1. Arrow going big on Franco in March…’Don’t miss NIGHTMARES COME AT NIGHT: THE JESS FRANCO COLLECTION, a collection of films that push the boundaries of taste and decency in all the best and most fun ways, by a filmmaker who made maybe more than 180 films, pumping out as many sexploitation, horror and sexploitation-horror films as he was able and allowed to. The films include OASIS OF THE LIVING DEAD, THE AWFUL DR ORLOF, and NIGHTMARES COME AT NIGHT.’


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