JESS FRANCO MONTH: Lilian (1984)

Lilian, a German teenager, (Katia Bienert, who had no idea that scenes she shot for another movie would wind up in Spain’s first legal hardcore movie) has been stolen by Irina and Jorge (Lina Romay as Candy Coster and Emilio Linder) who have turned her into their slave. Meanwhile, Mario Pereira — yes, probably Al’s relative, as the role is played by Antonio Mayans — and Jess Franco listen to our heroine’s words of her past.

Franco made this under his Clifford Brown name and you know, if it didn’t have the adult scenes — the really adult scenes — this would be one of his movies that I believe that more people would talk about. But this is Franco, who was able to get success at the time out of the short game of showing sex on the screen versus the long con of making art, but he probably was thinking of the other seven or eight or nine movies he was making at the same time.

Also for continuity obsessed people like me, Candy Coster has a red wig in this. We have to keep track of these things.

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