HorrorTales.666 Part 2 (2021)

Derek Braasch, Matt Cannon and Marcelo Fabani are the directors and writers of this horror anthology which has several well-known horror actors such as Debbie Rochon, Ari Lehman and Shawn C. Phillips.

Eighteen years ago a burglar broke into an author’s house and discovered a computer filled with forbidden stories, which one assumes is the storyline of 2003’s original HorrorTales.666.  the burgler was played by Joel D. Wynkoop in that film and now he repeats the past, breaking into another house and reading more stories, all while someone keeps telling him that he plans on dragging him to hell.

There are five stories:

“Open House”: dDrected by Cannon, this has a home being prepped for the real estate market — I mean, everything is selling these days — on the anniversary of the double himcide that happened in the house. When two of her co-workers try to prank her, things don’t go so well.

“The Last Farewell of Mr. Perez” was written and directed by Marcelo Fabani, who also stars as Perez, a man living his last day.

“Slay Ride” was directed by Derek Braasch, who co-wrote this chapter with Nina Trader. If you like Christmas themed slashers, get ready for what happens when Mrs. Claus gets to spend some time with the South Pole of one of the elves.

“The Present” by Joe Sherlock has even more sex and nudity than the previous segment, if that’s what you’re looking for. Roxxy Mountains, who plays the wife in this chapter, was also in Things 5 and Things 666.

Finally, My Life” by Phil Herman gets meta as he and Dustin Hubbard play themselves as people bother them for a chance to be in this movie.

While this movie has beyond a small budget and even relies on mannequin parts for special effects, you can’t say that everyone didn’t put their heart (and other organs) into it. If you love horror that was made with the budget of most film’s soda line item purchase, you’ll absolutely be obsessed with this.

You can learn more about this movie on its official Facebook page. You can order this from The Sleaze Box.

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